hi i'm jess. i'm twenty. (◡‿◡✿)

i cry over the social network a lot.
i actually hate andrew garfield, i'm
still not over p!atd & brendon urie,
and i am honestly a stick of butter.

( x )

The Road and The Knower of Roads by my_ownremedy
Pairing(s): Erica Albright/girl!Divya Narendra
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: erotic poetry, explicit sex, mentions of incest in poetry, racism and racial slurs, way too much poetry, way too much schmoop and fluff, continuous usage of the ‘c’ word.
Word count: ~9.7k
Summary: Divya breezes into Erica’s life, saves her from Mark Zuckerberg’s terrible pick up lines, listens to Erica read poetry and makes Erica realize what’s truly in her heart.

art and mix by aly and art by me.

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